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Kings of Nowhere was fully funded in August 2018

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The world of Kings of Nowhere

Ever since the earliest days of mankind, humans have always been fascinated by the allure of the beast. Some of the first humans were bestowed with the gift of shifting into the animals that they often worshiped. However, once the shift was made, it was permanent and there was no turning back to the human they once were. The earliest beasties were revered as gods. Anubis the jackal, Ganesha the elephant, and Wukong the monkey were amid the many. They were respected for their unparalleled strength, divine wisdom, and their connection to the spirit realm. It was also for these reasons that humans saw the danger in these beasties. The admiration they once had for them turned to fear. 

Volume 1

Volume 1 revolves around the character, Bili, the sort of kid who just wants to tend to himself but manages to get himself in to trouble more often than he’d like. He's used to taking beatings and being bullied but one instance pushed him past his limits. In a brutal assault, the intense stress causes Bili to shift in to a chimpanzee. Broken and cast aside by his father and society, Bili was able to earn the respect of a fellow beastie who's been in the game a little longer. Together they begin to make their presence known in Lo Divino and introduce you to the world of Kings of Nowhere.



When will I be able to purchase a copy of Kings of Nowhere?

There will be a limited amount available late April 2019. 

How will I be able to purchase Kings of Nowhere when it becomes available?

You will be able to purchase it here on this website.

When will I receive my book after I've purchased it?

Order made in February: You will receive an email with your tracking number once I've packaged and dispatched your order. This will be sometimes in April. Thank you for your patience! Feel free to sign up for the newsletter found down below for updates about the process or follow me on Instagram. See Shipping page for more info

What was the inspiration behind Kings of Nowhere?

I've always been heavily inspired by animes including Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Afro Samurai, and games such as Bloody Roar and the GTA series. That combined with my passion for animals has always given me the drive to create a comic and a world of my own.

Will you be shipping internationally?

Yes, I will be shipping worldwide. 

What is your store currency and how much is shipping?

Products are in USD. As for shipping, I offer flat rate shipping of $12 to Canada and the US and $16 to the rest of the world.

What are the plans for KON in the future?

I hope to make KON in to a TV series/movie or even a video game one day. I want to see figurines of all the KON character in all the toy stores. The graphic novel is just the beginning.

Is KON appropriate for all ages?

KON is intended for audiences 14+

About me

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    I'm Roosh, an artist and writer based in Toronto. I'm the creator of Kings of Nowhere, a graphic novel currently in the making.

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