When will Kings of Nowhere Volume 1 be available for purchase again??

Kings of Nowhere Volume 1 will be available again late 2019. Updates will be posted on my Instagram @koteriink

Where can I purchase Kings of Nowhere when it becomes available?

You will be able to purchase it here on this website.

What was the inspiration behind Kings of Nowhere?

I've always been heavily inspired by animes including Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, Afro Samurai, and games such as Bloody Roar and the GTA series. That combined with my passion for animals has always given me the drive to create a comic and a world of my own.

What is your store currency?

Everything is listed in USD

What are the plans for KON in the future?

I hope to make KON in to a TV series/movie or even a video game one day. I want to see figurines of all the KON character in stores. The graphic novel is just the beginning.