In the northern city of T’Karanto, rival gang disputes are at an all-time high. A mechanic named Kyoshi and his grandson Dante stay vigilant amid increased crime, but their strength is wavering. A monthly payment to a local gang for protection provides some ease, but the fees keep climbing. When a customer, a beastie, walks in on a violent shakedown, he gives the thugs a swift beating—but his impulsive actions just put the largest gang target on his back—and it’s the Kiyoshis who are caught in the middle! Dante steps in to protect what life and family he has left, but what can an 11-year-old kid do against ruthless criminals? As bad decisions pile up, with each choice proving worse than the last, tragedy finds itself in the spotlight as two unlikely characters are brought together.

Soroush Barazesh’s Kings of Nowhere continues with volume 2, featuring black and
white interiors with over 220 pages of jaw-dropping combat, bloodshed, and action!
Experience the mystery, intensity, and dark humor of this high-octane, adrenaline-
pumping series!


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