Kings of Nowhere Volume 2 (Coming Soon)

In the city of T'Karanto, the Tundra Renegade gang have been harassing Kiyoshi and his auto shop through the use of an ever worsening protection racket. When two thugs bite more than they can chew with Bass, a customer of this auto shop, war breaks out. With Bass not staying for the fight, Kiyoshi's grandson Dante takes matters into his own hand. Only then does Bass realise his mistake and must atone for it through a battle with the one and only, Captain Hookstag.

The wait is over! Embark on an epic journey with Bass and Dante. Experience a one of a kind story full of powerful bonds, mysterious pasts and incredible fights told through some of the best art and paneling found within the comic/manga industry. This is Koteri Ink's biggest masterpiece to date.


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