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kings of nowhere

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Ever since the earliest days of mankind, humans have always been fascinated by the allure of the beast. Some of the first humans were bestowed with the gift of shifting into the animals that they often worshiped. However, once the shift was made, it was permanent and there was no turning back to the human they once were. The earliest beasties were revered as gods. Anubis the jackal, Ganesha the elephant, and Wukong the monkey were amid the many. They were respected for their unparalleled strength, divine wisdom, and their connection to the spirit realm. It was also for these reasons that humans saw the danger in these beasties. The admiration they once had for them turned to fear. Over the centuries, the beasties began to lose their reverence among the people. Fear caused people to revolt and the once godlike were tossed into the depths of society and seen as monsters and abnormalities of the human race. Hidden in the slums away from hateful eyes, the beasties naturally strive in the criminal underworld using their skills and instincts to gain the upper-hand against the humans. They became the lords of their own domain, masters of the unseen, Kings of Nowhere. 



Bili was never an outgoing child, one could even consider him a textbook loner. Growing up, he almost got used to the beatings from his older cousin, Marcus, until things started to get too rough, and as the days just seemed longer and colder, that's when Bili snapped. When the shift occurred, that's when Bili showed everyone that he was no longer someone to be messed with. He's only got one thing on his mind, and that's to be The King of Nowhere.


Toni Moreno wasn't always a villain. He got into the game when Bili was only 5. At first, he figured it was a good way of making some quick cash, but the thrill of gaining power got to him and sooner than later he was the captain with his own men who followed his every command. Family was no longer a priority. Wealth and power were. It was only a matter of time before circumstances called for something to go very wrong.


Hamed is an opportunist. As someone who often finds himself at the short end of the stick, he knows how to make the best out of a bad situation. Hamed had his own agenda but figured making allies along the way could help his cause. He decided to take Bili under his wing and gave him the push he needed in order to fight his enemies. It's a tough world out there for a beasty, and having a friend like Hamed makes it a little easier. 


Annabelle Torres is Bili's mother and the only friend he can truly rely on for support. Life has only been getting rougher for Annabelle, as her husband, Toni, falls deeper into his occupation as a gangster and drifts further from her and their son. Despite the tough times, she does her best to hide her pain, physically and emotionally, for the sake of Bili. Together, they have a bond no one could ever break.


Orphaned as a kid when both of his parents were murdered by the Yakuza in Japan, Zatoichi became a blind immigrant with no one to support him but his own two swords. Hamed befriended him and slowly got to see his colorful persona. They started to make a name for themselves on the streets of Lo Divino. Now with Bili in the crew, the three have become a major threat to anyone who considers themselves to be a gangster.


Marcus was that kid growing up who would bully you for your height, your age, or your slightly uneven haircut. Being cousins with Bili doesn't mean he's off the hook. In fact, he's a living nightmare for his younger cousin. Every encounter with Marcus is worse than the last and it's his actions that caused Bili to snap and shift to a beasty. 





Volume 1 revolve around the character, Bili. Bili’s the sort of quiet kid who just wants to tend to himself but manages to get himself in to trouble more often than he’d like. He's used to taking beatings and being bullied but one instance pushed him past his limits. In a brutal assault, the intense stress causes Bili to shift in to a chimpanzee. Broken and cast aside by his father and society, Bili was able to earn the respect of a fellow beastie who's been in the game a little longer. Together they begin to make their presence known in Lo Divino and introduce you to the world of Kings of Nowhere.









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